Introduction to 30Voices
Art has a profound ability to empower and endow the voiceless with resonance. Art is capable of educating the uninformed and healing the wounded spirit. 30Voices is a non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness about domestic abuse  by establishing a community of experienced and aspiring artists eager to share their candid visions of love, heartbreak and resurrection. 
30voices is dedicated to promoting and cultivating the diverse voices of Iranian women through various artistic outlets such as paintings, sculptors, mix media, music, film, performances and literature. By offering workshops, organizing events and developing resources for burgeoning female artists, 30Voices hopes to instill confidence in women and aid in the progression of a healthy and enlightened community. 
The significance behind the name 30Voices originates from the Persian mythological creature known as the Si'morgh (30-birds). It is a large winged bird-like creature with a 500- year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young Phoenix is reborn. The Si’morgh is the divine symbol of reincarnation and perseverance. 
Likewise, Iranian women all over the world are rising out of the ashes of a revolution that more than thirty years ago robbed them of their civil and human rights. But under the dark shroud of oppression thrives the immortal and outspoken soul of women yearning to be acknowledged and respected. Today, no matter where they are in the world, Iranian women stand together as one, stronger and more determined.

Sara Naeini


Born in Shiraz, in 1981.
Sara Naeini was born into a talented family of athletes and artists.  At the age of eight, Sara entered the world of gymnastics and soon began to compete professionally.  For the next seven years, after collecting several awards and medals and enjoying her success as she climbed the ranks, she proudly held the premier title and became  Iran’s number one female gymnastic champion. 
At the age of fourteen, after a severe injury, Sara was forced to leave her blossoming career in gymnastics behind.  It was at this somber time, when she transitioned herself into the world of music – a passion of hers for many years.  Music was always part of Sara’s life and upbringing and she fondly remembers growing up and listening to her mother’s singing, as her mom, in her own right, has been a well known and respected performer for many years in the field of traditional and folk Iranian music.
Sara’s first discovery of her musical talent became evident at the age of 18 in an event, where she gave a private performance which was very well received.  Soon after, she was invited to sing at various privately held events . As Sara’s name began to circulate, she soon became a rare commodity known for her angelic voice and powerful delivery due to her extensive training in various classical and other musical methods.  She was asked to collaborate with artists throughout Iran as well as overseas and recruited by many bands  to lend her voice to their well known music.Consequently, in 2007 Sara was invited to united states  to be part of a cultural exchange project by state department of America to record a song based on poems of one of the greatest Iranian poets called "RUMI" and perform with various musicians in a concert in new York .
Later that year and the following year,in 2008, she had two concerts in Vienna and they were both very successful. 
Because women are not allowed to sing in public and if they do they get threatened by the government, she decided to leave her beloved country and moved to the states. Sara started to collaborate  with one of the best and well educated Persian composers Reza Rohani in Los angeles. She was invited to perform their songs together in different concerts in California including  Sacramento, San Francisco ( at Yoshi’s), San Jose and twice  in Los Angeles at Zipper hall.